We have introduced many new products that will change the look and feel of the Minnequa Works portal. Among these are Online Banking, Billpay, e-statements, and the website itself. Please refer to the following list of common questions and issues and see if there is a solution listed, and always feel free to call us @ (719)544-6928 (MWCU) or email memberservices@minnequaworks.com
 Will my old user name and password work on the new online banking?

  • Member ID yes, password no. Type in your username and click the box “First Time User” then hit submit. you will be walked through a short online registration process to get you up and running! (Do not enter your password on your first time in)

The phone numbers and email addresses listed for the Secure Access code are my old ones or I don’t use them anymore. What should I do?

  • To update your information with the credit union if all methods listed are no good, you need to call us @ 719-544-6928 or email your phone number for callback to: help@minnequaworks.com to get your contact information updated. After your new information is entered, you have the ability to update it yourself anytime after you log in

I don’t see all of my accounts

  • Some accounts may have been unlinked as a result of the switch. (joint owners etc.) Please contact us and we would be happy to get those reconnected for you

I want to sign up for mobile banking!

  • In the left hand menu at the bottom, under preferences there is a link called “mobile”. Click the link and follow the instructions to authorize your device. Mobile banking WILL NOT WORK on your phone if you haven’t authorized it through the security of the Online Banking. We have apps in the store for iPhones and Android devices – go to iTunes or Play store to download them. You MUST activate mobile banking on online banking preferences first.



Secure Messaging in Online Banking

LIVE Operators!

I don’t have a smartphone – can I still use mobile banking?
  • Absolutely – go to the mobile web on your phone, and enter m.minnequaworks.com in the address bar. You will open a secure site and will have mobile functionality!

How can I tell what my account is in the overview if all I see is XXXXXXXXXXXXX123 S1?

  • In the left hand menu at the bottom under preferences you will find a link for “Accounts”. Click there and enter any friendly name for your account to help you easily recognize it. (IE: “Shoe Fund”, “Bob’s Checking”, or “Car Loan” – whatever you prefer). The reason for the XXXXXX blanking out your account number is for your own security. With the mobile technologies in place now, every safeguard is in place to protect your information from prying eyes.

I want to link my credit card or account at another institution to online banking. How does that work?

  • Click the “External accounts” link in the left navigation menu. You will be asked for your Routing number, account number for the account you are linking in. After you follow the steps, two “Micro Transactions” will happen on your accounts between one cent and fifty cents. After you see the transaction in your other account, you enter the amount of the transactions to prove you are the owner of both. With this tool, all your credit cards, loans, checking accounts, and savings accounts are in one place for easy transfer, loan payment, and balance inquiry. Once an account is linked, you can transfer to and from it just as if you signed into the other website and did the transaction there!
  • Secure Access codes replace the “Mothers maiden name” or ‘Favorite teacher in school” questions on online banking.
  • Secure access codes will be good for 30 minutes, or until they are used.
  • You do not need a secure access code every time. The first login is your verification. On the second login, after the code is recieved, you will be asked to “Authorize this computer for later use” or “One Time only”. If you select “Authorize for later use” it will drop a security token on your machine. (A Cookie)
    • NOTE: If cookies are blocked on your machine, you may go into your internet options and make https://online.minnequaworks.com a trusted site.
    • We recommend you do not “Authorize for later use” on a machine you do not own.
    • After this option, you will not be prompted again on that computer for a secure access code.

I get prompted for a secure access code every time I log in!

Enable cookies in your browser:

To enable cookies on Internet Explorer

1. On your browser, click Tools, and then click Internet Options.

2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Privacy tab.

3. Click Sites.

4. In the Per Site Privacy Actions dialog box, in the Address of website box, type www.minnequaworks.com, and then click Allow.

5. Click OK.

6. In the Internet Options dialog box, click OK to save your settings.


To enable cookies on Mozilla Firefox

1. On your browser, click Tools, and then click Options.

2. In the Options dialog box, click Privacy.

3. In the Firefox will drop-down list, click Use custom settings for history.

4. Check Accept cookies from sites if it is not already checked.

5. Click OK.


To enable cookies on Apple Safari

1. On your browser, click on the settings icon that appears on the right side.

2. Click Preferences.

3. In the General dialog box, click Security.

  • The dialog box name changes to Security.

4. Click Only from sites I visit if it is not already selected. 5. Close the Security dialog box.


To enable cookies on Google Chrome

1. Open your browser, and then click the settings icon that appears on the top-right corner.

2. In the menu that appears, click Settings.

3. In the Settings page, click Show advanced settings.

4. In the Privacy section, click Content settings.

5. In the Cookies section, click Allow local data to be set if it is not already selected.

6. Click OK.


To enable cookies on Opera

1. Open your browser.

2. Click Menu > Settings > Preferences.

3. In the Preferences dialog box, click the Advanced tab.

4. Click Cookies.

5. Do one of the following:

  • Click Accept cookies.
  • Click Accept cookies only from the site I visit.

6. Ensure that Delete new cookies when exiting Opera is unchecked, and then click OK.

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